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You Can't Do That!

You Can't Do That!

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A unique memoir, written as a father-daughter duo, explores their Amish heritage - the pain and triumphs that come from breaking from the fold. The narrative explores the story of Albert Miller, an Amish child with an inquisitive mind who grew up in the heartland of Ohio. Despite the strict religious guidelines that almost led to his death as a baby, he survives to question his community’s culture and faith. The questions of why his life is different led him to consider leaving his community at a young age, even if that meant suicide. However, fate had in store for him more than his humble origins - his questions required answers. At the cost of losing the only home and faith he knew, he went beyond his 8th-grade education to become a medical doctor.


The story adds the insights of his daughter seeing this struggle as a third culture kid - not quite Amish, but also not raised by a ‘typically’ American dad. She sheds light on what it is to be brought up amongst secrets and unspoken truths to finally discover only as an adult that some truths you have to come to on your own.


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